8/15 being my-pace
the other day, I met one girl who lives in NYC. I stayed in her apartment for two nights and we talked a lot on those nights.

we are alike somehow. we both prefer being by myself, we have played jazz dance for long years, and especially, we are not like girlish...

she said "your blood type must be B!" yes, mine is B. so is hers... "because you have your own pace in yourself just like me" she said I am definitely my-pace person LIKE HER

I felt kinda happy because... I've been told from people that "I've never seen a person like you" but she didn't say that.

she is 26yr, and I am 22yr. I wonder if I will be like her in 4 yrs...
by afonon | 2005-08-16 01:22 | days
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