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actually, i'm sooooooo excited because i finished my final paper for the class of Latin American Culture:-) i'm done with this class~~~~

i wrote about street children in Brazil. because i watched the movie "City of God," which is about one generation of street children in Rio de Janeiro, and it was sooooo intense to me.
street children's life is "shit" if i can say so. they use drugs and rob money and foods. street girls go to the brothel for money, get pregnant often, and try to miscarriage by using drugs and violent.
their life look shit, right? but more shit is Brazilian militery government. they changed their economy to the industrial society, and it caused growing population and pushed poor children to the street. moreover, the serious fact is that street children are beaten, tortured, and killed by the business people or police officer just because they are on the street and annoying other citizens. street children symbolize the inhuman and unjust side of Brazilian society.
it is the facts since 1960s and still now there is a lot of serious problems with street children even hundreds of government agencies help them.

so... what do you think? i don't know exactly what i can do but at least, i can hope that Brazilian government struggle with street children and causes of them. i feel i am nothing, but actually... i am nothing. and what i can do for the world's ploblem is just prey...
by afonon | 2005-06-15 07:39 | days
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